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FREE Education

The immense potential of generating wealth offered by the internet prompted us to start this website. There is enough on offer for everyone but many do not have the means to get educated to take advantage of this boon. We are here to provide complete and free education to everyone so as to enable them to share the pie. Our experienced has indicated that having one's own blog is a good starting point in this venture. We have prepared simple tutorials with images as well as videos to enhance the learning experience. Every aspect of making a successful blog is covered in minute detail by professionals who have been in the field for many years. Tips, tricks, techniques which were known to a few are now openly revealed to all. However there is no substitute to passion and hard work. Experience has revealed that starting an internet venture with no large funds at your disposal is a slow and gradual process and those who endure patiently will enjoy the fruits. However unlike other businesses the internet business model we promote does not carry any overheads and the life span of your enterprise is unlimited. Your future generations will also enjoy the fruits of your passionate efforts.

CLEAN Entertainment

Working on a single track for long periods of time without proper unwinding causes boredom to set in reducing one's creativity and often is very depressing. We decided to attend to this problem as well and have set out to provide clean entertainment in the form of humor which is presented via texts, images and videos. We want this site to be beneficial not only to individuals but for every person in the family. Therefore our collection of humorous material is suitable for kids, teenagers, youth, seniors, married, single etc. This material can be shared by decent folks on social media or at gatherings, functions, parties, etc. In future we have plans to add meditational music and many more things.


Learn earn and share is the motto we want to imbibe in all our beneficiaries. We believe that those who have been helped will not hesitate to do the same to others. We have launched the Penniless Charity Campaign to generate funds to charitable institutions. The beauty of this project is that you can generate funds for charities without spending a single penny from your own pocket and that too from the comfort of your home. If you find this project innovative do share it on social media channels.


We have launched this noble venture but its success depends on good folks like you and your passionate support. You can greatly contribute towards this cause by following us on social media channels and spreading the news by sharing with your close and dear ones. Together we can surely make a huge difference and we will.

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free education clean entertainment charity

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Free Education Clean Entertainment & Charity

This site provides FREE education, CLEAN entertainment and other inputs on a variety of subjects. Resources for kids, children, adolescents, teenagers, youth, adults, middle aged, senior citizens and family. A pleasant experience awaits you. Don't miss it.

FREE Education - Learn Earn & Share

Our motto is to provide FREE education to everyone so they learn to earn from the vast opportunities available on the internet and we believe they will later share what they have received free of cost. We have compiled a FREE package to teach how to use the free facilities and tools on the web and start a successful internet business. However only those who are ready to put in efforts and are passionate about their dreams will succeed. We do not provide instant solutions but ideas and techniques that work if practiced on a sustained basis. Building a business takes time and hard work but when the fruits begin to appear it will be worth the trouble. It is important that one proceeds at a pace that is enjoyable. It is not necessary to use this package only for earning an income but one can use it to develop a lot of skills as well as express oneself or do it just for fun or as a hobby. We have combined texts with images, pictures and videos to make learning very interesting and easy.

CLEAN Entertainment - Funny Videos Jokes

All work is not good but some cool entertainment is needed to unwind oneself. Our focus is to provide CLEAN Entertainment so that persons of all ages can enjoy themselves and specially with their families. Our collection of funny videos jokes and pranks consists of top quality content that is strictly screened so as to be suitable for all age groups. Humor has a lot more benefits than just entertainment and has proven to do a lot of good to maintain our health in a balanced condition. We are also using humorous videos to help improve English reading and speaking skills. Besides our site contains plenty of clean text and picture jokes.

Charity - Providing A Better Living

We also have a great plan to harness the money power of the ecommerce activities and divert the gains into charitable works helping the deprived not just through education but by delivering material benefits that are essential for a decent life. Collectively we can do great things and create a world that is a place of equal opportunities. Our Penniless Charity Campaign is directed to this purpose alone. So join us and together will will chalk out a path that can be traveled by future generations. Building the system is difficult and the pioneers may not get major benefits but the generations to come will remember and relish the results of such an endeavor. So do promote us for that is the best one can do for this ambitious project to take off. Our success depends on the goodwill of many noble souls.

Our Primary Areas Of Focus

The initial focus in the educational section is on website design. In this day and age when the vast opportunities on the internet are visible to all how to create a website and harness the wealth of the internet is the prime challenge. Knowing this is the beginning but learning what is seo and adapting to search engine optimization is the way to prosperity. In the fun section we have begun with a amazing collection of short funny jokes with particular stress on suitability to an audience of all age groups. So beginning with web design and how to make a website to what is SEO or search engine optimization and proceeding with a touch of entertainment with awesome short funny jokes that are good and clean starts the long journey of providing FREE education and entertainment to all peoples of the world.

Following The Right Approach To Begin With

The internet offers immense opportunities in numerous fields and the pie is so large that everyone can share it. However the opportunities are spread in a web and to find something of value is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Our endeavor is to located the best options in every field and place it before all for free. To start right is very important and being lost with so much content at hand is not rare but most do get lost in wasteful activities that promise a lot but deliver nothing. Many get disillusioned at their inability to separate the wheat from the chaff and quite often give up in despair.

Supply And Demand Reality Of The Web

Every product has a demand in the web world and demand gets created if your product is new and innovative as well. However to harness this large market requires the development of many a skill. Just talent is not enough but combined with the right techniques it can be a success. For this to happen free education in every field has to be made accessible to each and everyone from every corner of the earth. This is a huge challenge as there are many out there always looking to make a quick buck with very little concern for the deprived. There is a vast majority with no access to internet connectivity and to get them in the fold is necessary to provide level playing field to everyone.

Identifying The Best Opportunities

We identify platforms and services that are free to use and promote in such a manner so that they may reach the less fortunate. The opportunities are many but the field is tilted very much in favour of those knowing how the system works and it is these secrets we are trying to display to a wider and wider audience. Those who have got the big bucks are controlling the niche segments of the internet opportunities and to compete with them just using white hat methods is not possible. Many of them having used black hat methods and reached very high levels of success are now trying to preach white hat fundas knowing fully well those behind will never reach where they are and that is their comfort zone.

Walking The System

We do not follow any set rules but adapt our approach considering the situation at hand. One cannot race a BMW car with a bycycle and if anyone is so naive to believe it despair is what awaits such as these. So whether it is white hat or black hat one has to fight the battle at all levels till a fairer system is put in place which looks bleak at the moment as the big boys control the affairs and won't do anything that will affect them negatively and challenge their earning capacities. The big controllers of the net have separate appeasing rules for the big guns and stricter rules for the less leveraged. And until a better balance is brought about survival of the fittest is the name of the game. So those who don't have the big bucks have to fend for themselves in whatever way one can without being intimidated by the rules set by the big boys. Small mistakes by small folks cannot be tolerated but big mistakes by big folks get overlooked as there is a give and take involved. I scratch your back and you scratch mine kind of approach in the internet world is prevalent and one needs to adjust to the realities involved and ride along. This is the only way one can succeed and reap the benefits like crumbs falling from the tables of the big business houses.

Importance Of Free Education

Every journey to success starts with the right inputs and education has no second choice. However the best is only available to a handful of the few who can afford its high costs. However the internet has the capacity or possibility of delivering this opportunity to everyone free of cost but only if a passionate few work in this direction and make things available. We want to teach everyone about options on the web that can be earning opportunities and not just for a day or two but what can benefit generations after generations. Building a business or enterprize on the web is slow and tedious in the beginning but the longevity of any effort is the real icing on the cake.

Clean Entertainment Avenues

All hard efforts and no relief for the mind makes Jones a dull boy and Amy a dull girl as the old adage goes on to say. Thus our focus to provide clean avenues of entertainment is not a diversion from our core concerns but to make the difficulties much more enjoyable. Life is not just for slogging but to enjoy the good things given to us by the creator. And the mind really needs to unwind to reach its greater capabilities. Here we focus on everything in entertainment that is suitable for the whole family. With the scum and thrash strewn all over the internet to protect our children from this is becoming more and more difficult if not impossible. Violence is littered everywhere and pornography seems to pop up from any site without any warning what so ever. Whether it is social media or the video channels the sex maniacs have reached every where and protrude their stuff from every unsuspecting corner of the web world.

Setting Up The Internet Shop

Setting up one's blog or website is like setting up a virtual shop in the web world. Whatever your enterprize you need a place for display and engage with your customers. This purpose is served by a blog or website. There are unlimited options to start with here and starting with free opportunities does bear well during the initial learning curve of this grande journey. We provide the best guidance along with materials like tutorials and provide solid direction that has a proven track record to success. Managing the system of the web is the art everyone here has to master to make one's mark in any field. We lay all the secrets bare and do not demand any charge for any service. We have researched and experimented with the many options on offer and short listed the few best that generate genuine results. Thus we provide a path that is guaranteed to succeed but there is no substitute for hard work and disciplined efforts. There is nothing for the lazy but everything for the one who is ready to drive himself to glory and fortune and fame.

Promotion Is Intrinsic To Success

The internet system chases anything and everything that has managed to make itself popular. So if you can gather a large audience the system will chase you and this is from where the real benefits will accrue. We have mastered the techniques of making ourselves popular by harnessing the power of the systems that are on play with the system itself. We don't sell these ideas and secrets of getting around the system but teach them step by step so that these no longer remain with a handful few who control things but making way for a better field that has the leverage and is evenly balanced for all to benefit.